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There's a good reason this comm has been dead lately: my old computer gave up the ghost after 14 years of service. Also, I thought that howtheduck had posting permission.

Anyhoo, Baituk is busy writing a clumsy thing about ICE which will end up helping no one.
Snarky Candiru2


Baldo: Tia Carmen makes a pass at Gregorio.

Betty: Bub doesn't expect that the pôst-Covid years will make him more social.

Breaking Cat News: Trevor's person doesn't understand why he's barking at Baba Mouse.

Dick Tracy: Staton and Curtis honor out first responders today.

9 Chickweed Lane: Edda's rival uses a phone booth as a hanky-panky booth.

Slack Wyrm: Lord EdgeGod gets into a low-grade pissing contest with Otho and (of course) loses.

Wallace The Brave: Wallace appears to want to invent something straight out of Seuss.
Snarky Candiru2


Baldo: Today's strip is the one in which Sergio calls upon a favourite relative in his time of need.

Betty: Betty assumes that redoing the kitchen would mean bonding with the reno crew.

Breaking Cat News: Raccoon Version Of Auntie Entity has gotten the squirrels to help Beatrix.

Dick Tracy: King Mysterious Outfit is making a meal of purse snatching. I'm reminded of Seinfeld's wondering why supervillains go to the trouble of choosing a theme and how that relates to Broadway Bates's more famous look-alike cousin Oswald Cobblepot.

9 Chickweed Lane: Oddly enough, Seth has more luck with the phone booth than Edda does.

Slack Wyrm: Lord EdgeGod gets into a low-grade pissing contest with Otho and (of course) loses.

Wallace The Brave: Wallace appears to have forgotten to clean out his locker at the end of last term.
Snarky Candiru2


Baldo: We see the accident and how lucky Baldo is to even be alive.

Betty: We're going to spend all week watching Bub and Betty goof on the rich dudes mispronouncing a word, aren't we?

Breaking Cat News: The raccoons just remembered that they can't climb trees (which is news to me) so agrre to guard the tree and let the cats eventually get rescued by the fire brigade.

Dick Tracy: Mystery Irritant has something of a theatrical streakand thus tends to make grand entrances.

9 Chickweed Lane: Sister Caligula wishes that she were the Pope so she co8uld really hit back hard at a world that disappointed her.

Wallace The Brave: Strips like today's make me wish that Lucy Van Pelt would come along and pound the crap outta Amelia while yelling "You're stealing my bit!!" over and over again.
Snarky Candiru2


Baldo: Carmen tells Gregorio about how Daryl Drunkenslob killed Rosa Bermudez and how that lead to her helping Sergio raise his kids.

Betty: Bub and Betty do a high five because their social betters speak cruder English than they do.

Breaking Cat News: The queen of the raccoons wants a favour in return for helping Beatrix.

Dick Tracy: We start things off with a gaunt fellow smiling at the stun gun he just cobbled together.

9 Chickweed Lane: We reach back into the archives so as to slam people I also hate.

Slack Wyrm: Ferragus is what you'd call a destructive saviour.

Wallace The Brave: Wallace is disoriented by the return of school.
Snarky Candiru2


Baldo: Gracie is way too into school for book-dumb Baldo's liking again.

Betty: Betty confuses Junior's reaction to getting a bug in the ear with an exercise routine.

Breaking Cat News: The cats try to make sense of The Wonan's exercise bike.

Dick Tracy: We reveal where Presto hid the eyesore statue.

Doonesbury: Trudeau uses a visual analogy to indicate his displeasure with the high case and mortality rate in the USA.

9 Chickweed Lane: Another day, another reminder of McEldowney's inability to relate to women.

Wallace The Brave: Wallace has no idea how freaked out he makes Spud again.
Snarky Candiru2


Baldo: Tia Carmen kind of shows us why she's a maiden aunt today.

Betty: Junior loves him some low-hanging fruit 'cause Betty is a lousy advertisement for taking effort.

Breaking Cat News: Baba Mouse and the queen of the raccoons waste their time trash-talking instead of helping Beatrix.

Dick Tracy: Dick reaches out to Smokey Stover to retrieve the eyesore statute.

9 Chickweed Lane: We're about to be treated to the most disturbing hand jive in the strip's history.

Pibgorn: More mush that pretty much screams the fact that McEldowney takes "the curse of Eve" to be an established historical fact.

Wallace The Brave: Wallace would rather live in a world of make-believe because he's kind of nuts.