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Comics Casserole

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2018-08-21 [Aug. 21st, 2018|04:26 am]
Comics Casserole

Baldo: Baldo doesn't know how to meet a customer request and can't simply say "No."

Betty: Dex irritates Bub by preaching the gospel of kale with all the idiot enthusiasm of a recent convert.

Curtis: Barry needs to be smacked in the mouth for calling Curtis stupid again.

Dick Tracy: Someone is so in character, he killed the guy playing Dick Tracy.

Dustin: Ed makes a rather trite observation about how uncomfortable women's shoes are.

Judge Parker: April is too stupid to realize that her dad is trying to buy her time to escape.

Sally Forth: Sally got blindsided by Hilary's wanting to put on her little show and she ain't taking it well.
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Everything August 20th [Aug. 20th, 2018|07:46 am]
Comics Casserole

9CWL: Hopefully, this will stop any "sexy" times.

BCN: I sense nothing but trouble a-brewing.

Slack Wyrm: Even the dead can hear the sounds of treats.
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2018-08-20 [Aug. 20th, 2018|04:32 am]
Comics Casserole

Baldo: Baldo is rather too honest about Gracie's dubious attempts at being a cook.

Betty: Betty is mildly irritated because Dex has become a shill for the kale lobby.

Curtis: Greg makes Curtis channel Elly "Gobsmackery" Patterson by talking about people trying to put the 'fun' in funeral.

Dick Tracy: The guy who plays Flattop in the documentaries about Dick's cases introduces him to a sort of club for actors who also play members of his rogue's gallery for Investigation Discovery.

Dustin: Hayden doesn't realize why Dustin is way more into school than a loser like himself will ever be because he doesn't realize that he's talking to Male Elizabeth Patterson waiting for a slot to open up and get off his dad's couch.

Judge Parker: Norton is about to tell April that she can best honor him by surrendering and cutting a deal with the CIA.

Sally Forth: We're about to see why Nona is terrified about her parents' arrival: she and Faye are half-sisters.
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Everything August 19th [Aug. 19th, 2018|09:40 am]
Comics Casserole

9CWL: Brooke, no, orange and purple do not go well together. Also, Brooke still needs to get laid.

BCN: The prople brought something the cats just adore.

SlackWyrm: Worst wingwoman ever.
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2018-08-19 [Aug. 19th, 2018|03:58 am]
Comics Casserole

Baldo: Sergio will miss consistently accusing the wrong child of doing something that annoys him.

Betty: Betty abhors idleness and thus tends to fill a do-nothing day with things to do.

Curtis: Watching Greg lament his lost youth reads far too much like Billingsley's suicide note for my comfort.

Dick Tracy: It's the first part of an extended Minit Mystery featuring actors cosplaying as Dick's Rogue's Gallery.

Doonesbury: As much as people hate Tfff for being Steve Bannon's Jiminy Cricket, they hate Duke more for being a shitty GM.

Dustin: Hayden thinks that Billy from the Family Circus needs to upgrade to keep from wandering around like an idiot.

Judge Parker: As Norton laments the folly that will lead to his and April's being ventilated, April still doesn't realize that she's about to be brutally killed.

Sally Forth: Watching what'll happen if someone doesn't finally take Hilary aside and tell her that her ideas are all crap makes me think that the people who are about to murder Norton and April should swing by and mercy-kill the fuck out of her and her parents.

Stone Soup: Holly is still evil and bad because she's not a delusional nitwit dying of heat stroke in a kiddy pool.
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Everything August 18th [Aug. 18th, 2018|10:05 am]
Comics Casserole

9CWL: Ms. Peel, you disappoint me.

BCN: At least one of the cats is going to play with it.

Slack Wyrm: Sir Corpse and the dragon have a talk.
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2018-08-18 [Aug. 18th, 2018|04:04 am]
Comics Casserole

Baldo: We end the week with a reminder of where Baldo got being an idiot from.

Betty: Explaining how he knows Tiny leads Betty to flat out tell Dex that she doesn't think much of his life-style.

Curtis: Greg is all kinds of pissed at Curtis for calling him on being full of bullshit about his music.

Dick Tracy: Bribery feels all kinds of awkward because his more or less brother in law Lafayette showed up to ask him questions he'd thought he'd never have to answer.

Dustin: Ed would like very much to avoid admitting that most of Dustin's bad habits are his bad habits because of that allergy Trumpkins have to self-reflection.

Judge Parker: AquaSteve gets all kinds of smug about getting Norton to hang himself.

Sally Forth: Sally warns Ted not to make a big thing of his always having to pay for Hilary's friend's good times.
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August 17th [Aug. 17th, 2018|07:48 am]
Comics Casserole

9cwL: They're going to hate-make-out aren't they?

BCN: There's no kitty justice for "string".

Slack Wyrm: Pets make things better, even when they're dead.
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2018-08-17 [Aug. 17th, 2018|04:44 am]
Comics Casserole

Baldo: Learning to make leads Graicie to want to risk making smores.

Betty: It would appear that the guy running the ice cream stand in one of Dex's ex-con buddies.

Curtis: Diane's being a sitcom moron about Curtis actually helping because he wants to iskind of why he doesn't usually want to.

Dick Tracy: Sulking infant Bribery's arrogance reminds us that Lafayette has to get straight answers from a twisted mind.

Dustin: A hypocritical analogy is used by Lazy Shitbag Boss to fire Dustin for being a lazy shitbag.

Judge Parker: Norton's contact cops to buying him time by trying to get Neddy arrested.

Sally Forth: Sally's plans for a get-together with Hil's friends parents lead to a reminder that Ted has an inflated idea of how good he is at creating hamburgers.
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Everything August 16th [Aug. 16th, 2018|07:37 am]
Comics Casserole

9CWL: I find this icky, too.

BCN: Maybe growing catgrass might be your best bet.

Slack Wyrm: A simple woodsman is about to get his question answered.
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